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The Stylista Institute

The Stylista Institute

Do you want hair to feel proud of?

At the Stylista Institute we understand the upset that loosing your hair can cause. This may be due to female patern hairloss, hair thinning, alopecia, chemotherapy and tricholtillomania. 

Based in Scotland, we have fast become one of the leading hairloss salons through the UK, helping hundreds of men and women regain the confidence that they deserve. As well as a well established hair salon.  

We have hair loss solutions to suit everyone from Toppers, Mesh Integration, Wigs to our new CNC prosthetic scalp system.


Meet some of our amazing clients and hear their stories in their own words.

hear Alexandria's story how she is dealing with hairloss from the help of The Sty;lista Institute.

                          Alexandria’s Story

hear how The Stylista Institute have helped Margot solve her hair hair loss problems

                                Margot’s story