Stylista Hair & Beauty

About Us

Owner Ashleigh created Stylista Hair 2009 after graduating from college.  She set up her hair dressing business in a small, but intimate salon, where she put all of her time and effort into developing her business and demonstrating her talents to clients.

Her reputation steadily grew with more and more women turning to Stylista Hair as their salon of choice.  In 2012 Stylista Hair moved to a larger premises and employed more wonderful staff, allowing the business to thrive and quickly become widely recognised as hair dressing and hair extension specialists, offering multiple methods of application. 

However, Ashleigh felt that there was something missing from the business.  She felt saddened that she could not offer solutions to clients that suffered from particular hair-loss conditions.  In 2015 Ashleigh travelled far and wide to receive training in hair replacement methods, meaning she could offer help to these very women that she once turned away.  Since then she and her staff have worked closely with hundreds of clients and developed their own personal hair replacement techniques to give hope to these women who thought there was nothing that could help them.

Some women who have suffered with hair-loss for years, felt vulnerable and struggled to cope with the emotional trauma.  In a matter of hours, they were given a new lease of life and new found confidence, some breaking down with happiness right there in the salon. 

As more and more hair replacement clients left the salon to tell their story of the difference this has made to their lives, Stylista Hair started to gain media coverage.  In 2016 Stylista Hair featured in No.1 Magazine and national newspapers who were desperate to publish their amazing work.  In February 2017 STV Glasgow interviewed Ashleigh and her client about the hair replacement systems she has provided for these women and the success of her business.

In 2017 Stylista Hair has been approved as a NHS agent meaning that they can provide wigs and other treatments to clients who have been medically diagnosed with hair-loss conditions and receive prescriptions from the NHS.

Stylista Hair will continue to develop their business to meet the needs of their clients, offering them the very best service in the hair dressing and hair replacement industry for many years to come.